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Create a music track with Pro Tools

Create a music track suitable for film and video use or distribution using Pro Tools recording software. Guided by an experienced songwriter-musician, import pre-recorded music into a Pro Tools project, and create and edit audio layers. Mix multiple audio layers together to create a finished track, using Pro Tools controls to achieve your desired sound.

What’s in it for you?

  • Create a music track using Pro Tools software.
  • Effectively use an equalizer and create audio effects.
  • Import and export recorded tracks in Pro Tools.
  • Capture audio, recording guitars, vocals, various sounds, etc.
  • Mix, edit, and refine multiple tracks into one stereo track suitable for distribution, or for use as a film or video music track.

Note: To complete this module successfully, participants are encouraged to have the following: Pro Tools (about $299), USB Audio Recording Interface (available at, starting at about $99), and a microphone (recommended for increased capture quality, starting at about $39).

Joshua Fumo

Joshua Fumo is an experienced songwriter and musician who will share his expertise in music software to ELX participants.

Fee: $259 (HST included)

Fee: $259 (HST included)



Coaching hours: 4 (plus 12-15 hours for individual/group work)