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Create a newsletter

Newsletters are one of the most effective strategies that you can use in your organization or business to get closer to your target audience, increase a subscriber base and create an engaging conversation with your readers. A well-written and informative newsletter helps you to connect your narrative and the work you do to the communities you affect.

What’s in it for you?

  • Determine what type of newsletter you want to distribute (email, hardcopy, mail).
  • Identify your newsletter’s goal.
  • Establish newsletter template, layout, colours and design.
  • Curate content, select images and develop interesting headlines and subheadlines.
  • Edit, proofread and share.

Dianne Nubla

Dianne specializes in developing custom training materials for undergraduate students transitioning into the workforce, and working professionals looking to hone their skills in strategic thinking, writing, and delivering oral presentations.

Fee: $259 (HST included)

Fee: $259 (HST included)



Coaching hours: 4 (plus 10-12 hours for individual/group work)