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Use V-Ray for SketchUp to enhance 3D models (product design)

Create photorealistic renderings, using V-Ray for SketchUp, that can be used in business presentations or for marketing. Learn how to use V-Ray settings, applied for SketchUp, to produce high quality product design images. Manage materials, lighting, and rendering properties to achieve the best results.

What’s in it for you?

  • Prepare an existing SketchUp 3D model for photorealistic renderings.
  • Apply V-Ray materials and lighting.
  • Manage V-Ray settings to optimize your rendering times.
  • Set your camera to achieve realistic views.
  • Render product views using V-Ray for SketchUp.

Irene Gomez

Trained as an architect, Irene has specialized in the interior design of high-end residential and hospitality projects. Her expertise with design software and tangible experience managing projects positions her well to work one-on-one with ELX participants as they work toward specific goals.

Fee: $259 (HST included)

Fee: $259 (HST included)



Coaching hours: 4 (plus 10-12 hours for individual/group work)