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Manage dysfunctional group members

Differing opinions can be a natural part of a meeting and sometimes are even desirable to bring forth effective collaboration. However, when discussions get out of hand due to dysfunctional group members, it can create a counterproductive dynamic. In this module, you will create a plan to manage negatively disruptive members to ensure your meeting stays on schedule and achieves its goals – while still maintaining goodwill among the participants.

What’s in it for you?

  • Determine your meeting’s main goals and what you would like to achieve by the end of the discussion.
  • Conduct an audience analysis to assess the participants’ personality traits and possible reactions to the meeting agenda topics.
  • Create neutral discussion topics and formulate planned responses in anticipation of possible conflicting reactions.
  • Set designated “speaking time” strategies to keep the meeting on track and ensure that the participants feel heard.
  • Plan how to neutrally gather feedback from the audience to meet your meeting’s purpose.

Dianne Nubla

Dianne specializes in developing custom training materials for undergraduate students transitioning into the workforce, and working professionals looking to hone their skills in strategic thinking, writing, and delivering oral presentations.

Fee: $259 (HST included)

Fee: $259 (HST included)



Coaching hours: 4 (plus 10-12 hours for individual/group work)