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Perform advanced data analytics using Excel

Excel is more than just a spreadsheet. Manipulate, visualize, and build reports on your data effectively to support everyday decision-making. This module will cover conditional formatting, pivot tables, writing formulas, and more. Participants will learn how to use tools in Excel more efficiently, and keep up with data analytic skills demanded in the workforce today.

What’s in it for you?

  • Format data quickly with shortcuts and conditional formatting.
  • Apply formulas to simplify data retrieval and manipulation (including VLOOKUP, IF statements, array formulas, text and string functions, etc.).
  • Visualize data clearly with complex charts.
  • Create pivot tables and pivot reports.
  • Prepare data tables, generate simulations, and use the solver.

Sara Maghdoori

Sara's background in data analytics, mathematics, statistics coupled with her passion for education will help you learn how to translate raw data into content you can use.

Fee: $259 (HST included)

Fee: $259 (HST included)



Coaching hours: 4 (plus 12-15 hours for individual/group work)