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Questions about ELX?

Find answers here for some of our Frequently Asked Questions.

Who can register for coaching?
Registration for ELX coaching is open to the public to help individuals enhance their personal and professional skills through competency-based learning experiences.
Are there any prerequisites?
Because our competency-based learning is tailored to each participant, there are no academic prerequisites.
How do I get started with ELX coaching?
Follow these steps:

Step 1
Express interest and we’ll set up free 15-minute consultation with your coach to determine your needs. This meeting can take place in person, online, or by phone.

Step 2
Determine how many coaching hours you need in consultation with your coach.

Step 3
After your 15-minute consultation and determination of hours, we will send you a link to register and pay for your coaching.

Step 4
Register and pay for your coaching. Confirm your title, objectives, and schedule for your coaching hours. Your coaching hours can be scheduled for delivery in person, online, or by phone.

Are there start and end dates for coaching?
You can complete coaching at your own pace. You will establish milestone dates in consultation with your coach. Unless otherwise agreed upon with your coach, you should expect to complete each coaching module within two months.
Who will my ELX coach be?
All of our coaches have technical and hands-on experience to help you achieve specific tasks. Your coach will guide your work to meet the established competency objectives. You can request a specific coach or we can help you find one if you indicate your needs. If you’re looking for a topic that isn’t listed on our site, please let us know as we are always interested in adding new topics.
What is included in the hours of coaching I get?
Your experience and learning style will influence the structure, but generally you can expect your coaching hours to include an introduction and setting personal objectives, review of your work, feedback, and more.
Will I receive any recognition for completing coaching?
Yes. Upon successful demonstration of skills learned, you may request a digital badge. Digital badges can be shared on your LinkedIn profile or resumé.
What is the refund policy for coaching?
No refunds will be issued once you register and pay for coaching. If you have any questions before registering, please contact us and we’ll be happy to assist you. You will receive a free 15-minute virtual or online meeting with your coach to help determine your needs.
Do you offer coaching to corporate and community groups?
Yes. To discuss the learning needs of your group, please contact Ana Abreu, Program Coordinator, The Chang School, at
What if I am interested in other coaching topics not listed?
We are continuously developing new experiential learning coaching topics. Please contact us and provide details on what you are looking for.
Once I express interest, when can I expect to begin working with my coach?
You can expect to hear from us within five business days regarding the availability of your coach’s next session. Unless otherwise agreed upon with your coach, all modules are expected to be completed within two months.