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Aorte Fitness Inc.

Aorte Fitness Inc.

Project Team Members: Robert Carriere, Ibukun Oluwayomi

Aorte Fitness designs, manufactures, and equips SHIFT-FORCE exoskeletons that assist with balance and movement.

How does your project remove barriers for people with disabilities and/or aging populations?

SHIFT-FORCE exoskeletons monitor, collect, and reduce disturbances in balance control. SHIFT-FORCE allows the user/clinician to aid in lift-assist, rehabilitation, and fitness training requirements.

Where did the idea for your project come from?

As a youth, Robert Carriere (CEO/Founder) stepped on a broken bottle while running in the lake. His foot was stitched, and he was told he could walk again in a few days. Weeks went by and the pain was still unbearable; he still could not use his foot. He was told by everyone to “just walk,” and he learned to ignore the pain and taught himself to apply pressure.

What are the goals and objectives of your project?

The goal of Aorte Fitness is to finalize end-user requirement standards for SHIFT-FORCE exoskeletons while accelerating prototype completion in order to create a validation/demo-ready concept.

Who is the target audience for your project?

Our project targets rehabilitation clients and physiotherapists focusing on upper body balance-control disturbances.

What did you and your team gain from being involved in the Accessibility Project?

The Accessibility Project allowed Aorte Fitness to secure an extensive intellectual property (IP) advantage and broaden our scope to aid in the rehabilitation of veterans and rehabilitation clients, as well as to collect muscular/cognitive data.

What are your future plans for your project?

Aorte Fitness will break the barriers of rehabilitation, quantify our mechanics with our built-in data collection, and allow every unique individual to maximize their own athletic state.