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Project Team Members: Katlynn Sverko, Samuel Legros

At Build for All, we’re building a platform that connects startups with resources they need to develop accessible and inclusive products and services. People around the world are joining the movement to begin their ventures with accessibility in mind right from the very beginning, creating with everyone in mind.

How does your project remove barriers for people with disabilities and/or aging populations?

Our goal is to provide the community with educational resources and processes on how to successfully implement accessible options, while addressing the fact that startups are already overburdened and are being pulled in many different directions. Everyone deserves access to technology, and everyone deserves access on equal terms.

Where did the idea for your project come from?

Working in incubators and with various startups, we noticed a need to increase accessibility of their digital presences. Less than 16 percent of startups meet AODA web standards.

What are the goals and objectives of your project?

Our project goal is to give various entrepreneurial stakeholders the capacity to implement accessibility in their startups.

Who is the target audience for your project?

Build for All supports the accessibility of startups with a digital presence.

What did you and your team gain from being involved in the Accessibility Project?

Through our involvement in the Accessibility Project, we received access to numerous valuable resources and connections. We also received support and guidance along the way, while meeting other individuals who are passionate about accessibility.

What are your future plans for your project?

We are looking to continue to grow and develop our portfolio of accessibility offerings and resources. As technology develops, there are new ways to make startups accessible, and we hope to stay up to date and relevant.