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Project Team Members: Mauricio Meza, Kristina Kyriakis

tecla-e is a wireless assistive device that enables people with paralysis and other mobility disabilities to access and control mobile and smart home technology.

How does your project remove barriers for people with disabilities and/or aging populations?

tecla-e enables people with mobility disabilities to take advantage of mainstream technologies and increase their independence.

Where did the idea for your project come from?

techla-e was derived from Mauricio’s industry experience.

What are the goals and objectives of your project?

The goal of tecla-e is to allow access to as many mainstream technologies as possible for people with mobility disabilities.

Who is the target audience for your project?

Our project is geared towards individuals with paralysis and other mobility disabilities which could prevent them from accessing smartphones, tablets, computers, gaming consoles, and smart home devices.

What did you and your team gain from being involved in the Accessibility Project?

The Accessibility Project allowed us to develop relationships with hospitals and potential resellers.

What are your future plans for your project?

In the future, we hope to expand the functionality of our product through a development partnership with Ryerson University.