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Creative Hub

The Chang School Creative Hub is an ELX initiative designed to support creativity and emerging talent in The Chang School’s communication, art, and design communities.

2018 Selected Projects

Two projects were chosen to receive funding from The Chang School Creative Hub in 2018. The Creative Projects Grant initiative supports and encourages creativity and innovation in the Chang School community.

Photo Essay

Sadaf Khajeh

Sadaf KhajehSadaf Khajeh is a Toronto-based photographer and designer who graduated with a BA from Ryerson’s School of Interior Design. After working for almost five years in the design industry, she decided to follow her passion for photography and enrolled in The Chang School’s Certificate in Photography Studies. Through the support of The Chang School’s Creative Hub, she will be creating a photo essay on the lives and the stories of the people who frequent Toronto’s Yonge-Dundas Square area, and who are usually assumed to be homeless.

“I am grateful my project was chosen by the Creative Hub. I feel empowered knowing my idea was recognized, and I can tell this important story through the lens of my camera.”


Yasmine Lee

Yasmine LeeYasmine Lee has been an avid reader since she was very young, and her love of books helped her overcome her days as an English as a second language (ESL) student when she moved to Canada at the age of 10. After completing an English degree at the University of Toronto while working at a bookstore, she attended law school in California for about six months before finally admitting to herself that the book business was her business. When Yasmine returned to Toronto, she enrolled in the Certificate in Publishing program at The Chang School. Yasmine now works at a small reference publisher while she completes her certificate.

“I am so excited and grateful that the Creative Hub chose us as recipients of the grant! I am really looking forward to starting this project, and I am hopeful that it will find an audience. Our goal is to help people trying to enter this business from all sides – writers, editors, agents, and general consumers – and now, we’re one step closer to it.”

Jessica de Bruyn

Jessica de BruynJessica de Bruyn is an editor, writer, and student in the Certificate in Publishing program at The Chang School. Her love of storytelling and collaborating with other writers began as a Theatre major at the University of Toronto, followed by her participation in the Writing for Film and Television program at the Vancouver Film School. Jessica has been working as a freelance story editor for two years and is currently working on her own writing projects, which include a fantasy novel, a women’s fiction novel, and a musical.

“I am so grateful to have the opportunity to produce this podcast and website. I am so passionate about publishing and helping others to create great books, and this will give us the amazing chance to learn more while teaching others. The behind-the-scenes world of publishing is still a mystery to most people, and I think revealing some of its truths will only help to create a more diverse and inclusive publishing community.”

Through the support of The Chang School Creative Hub, Yasmine Lee and Jessica de Bruyn have created Pub Hub, an insightful podcast and website about the publishing industry. Yasmine and Jessica cover industry-related topics and news, tips for writers and aspiring publishing professionals, and Q&A sessions with industry experts, students, and up-and-coming writers.