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About The Chang School Film Hub

The Chang School Film Hub is an Experiential Learning Exchange initiative designed to support emerging talent in The Chang School’s film community. Current learners and recent graduates of the Certificate in Film Studies have the opportunity to submit film proposals and if selected, they receive funding, access to equipment, and coaching from a film industry professional.

The Chang Film Festival

Presented by The Chang School Film Hub, The Chang Film Festival showcases exceptional films made by students and recent graduates of The G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education’s Certificate in Film Studies.

The first annual festival took place February 7–8, 2019. This year, we were pleased to also include work created by students enrolled in Accessibility Studies courses.

Congratulations to all of our nominees and winners!

2019 Awards

The 2019 winners were announced at the awards ceremony on February 8, 2019.


Step into My World (8:42 min)
Director: Nicola Di Capua
A scenario is created: A one-day film shoot takes place where the entire crew is deaf, except for a hearing production coordinator who comes to work unaware of the life-changing experience that awaits him.

film still from Step into My World


An Ode to My Mother (3:45 min)
Director: George Turnbull
Based on a poem written by the director, this animated short depicts the true story of his own adoption.

film still from An Ode to My Mother


Giiwe: This is Home (27:32 min)
Director: Merle Robillard
Director of Photography: Andrew Lau
A survivor of the Sixties Scoop, Brent Mitchell reconnects with his family and Ojibwe culture decades after being taken from his home in Manitoba and brought to New Zealand, where he was emotionally, physically, and sexually abused while living in a non-indigenous foster home.

film still from Giiwe: This is Home


Sounds and Clouds (4:00 min)
Director: Gabriel Waddington
An artist paints with the sky.

film still from Sounds and Clouds


The Antagonist (7:35 min)
Director: Alex Caucean
Writers: Victoria Sullivan, Brandon James Sim, and Robert Cormier
An out-of-work sales rep seeks help controlling his inner demons.

film still from The Antagonist


Daybreak (7:34 min)
Director: Mauro Cecchi
Director of Photography: Maria Elliott
A narcissistic middle-aged man is confronted by his wife after his ongoing love affair is revealed.

film still from Daybreak

Inland Freaks (10:48 min)
Director: Kalainithan Kalaichelvan
Director of Photography: Andrew Lau
A group of men commit themselves to an experimental treatment program – one that claims to cure them of their forbidden desires.

film still from Inland Freaks


Installing… (4:51 min)
Director / Performer: Janet Rose Nguyen
What happens when a software developer falls for the AI she is testing?

film still from Installing…


Man’s Search for Meaning (5:45 min)
Director: Justin Darmanin
Director of Photography: Jason Li
A neurotic man tries to connect with a world he feels is out of touch.

film still from Man’s Search for Meaning


Legacy (5:10 min)
Director / Editor: Alex Kleynhans
A woman relives her relationship with her now-deceased fiancé as she attempts to complete the journey they planned together before his death.

film still from Legacy


Rishta (1:00 min)
Director: Silvet Ali
Producer: Mauro Cecchi
Editor: Bradley Mulder
Trailer Editor: Jerome Martin
A young Pakistani-Canadian woman succumbs to pressure from her parents to meet a potential suitor for an arranged marriage.

film still from Rishta


Dual (5:40 min)
Directors: Silvet Ali and Bradley Mulder
Director of Photography: Jeffrey Danyleyko
After having a fight with his wife, William receives a phone call from a mysterious stranger.

film still from Dual

Marian (5:38 min)
Director: John Paul Trujillo
A rhythmic and quirky portrait of a street drummer is revealed.

film still from Marian

Ride Share (12:08 min)
Director: Justin Darmanin
Director of Photography: Lucas Picciolo
Two strangers meet for a trip they will never forget.

film still from Ride Share

Giiwe: This is Home

Giiwe: This is Home is the first production completed through The Chang School Film Hub.  The documentary chronicles the journey of an indigenous man named Brent who was taken from his home during the Sixties Scoop, when an estimated 20,000 indigenous children were removed from their homes and placed into white, middle-class families. The film follows Brent as he attempts to reconnect with his long-lost siblings, home, and culture. Giiwe: This is Home was made by Certificate in Film Studies alumni Merle Robillard and Andrew Lau.

Update: Giiwe: This is Home was officially selected to screen at the 2018 Regina International Film Festival and the 2018 Auckland International Film Festival. Follow the film’s Facebook page for more updates.


Rishta is the most recent production completed through The Chang School Film Hub. The short film follows a young Pakistani-Canadian woman as she succumbs to pressure from her parents to meet a potential suitor for an arranged marriage. Rishta was made by Certificate in Film Studies alumni Silvet Ali (director), Mauro Cecchi (producer), and Bradley Mulder (editor).

Update: Rishta will officially premiere at the 2019 International Film Festival of South Asia (IFFSA) on May 13. Visit IFFSA Toronto for tickets. 

The film was recently screened for a full house at the AGO’s Jackman Hall, followed by a Q&A discussion with the filmmakers and crew.

View Rishta’s award-winning trailer (The Chang Film Festival, 2019):

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